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ZHONGSHAN SHUNHAO NEW COMPOSITE CO., LTD covering about 18,000 square meters.ZHONGSHAN SHUNHAO NEW COMPOSITE CO., LTD specialized in producing fiberglass disc for reinforced cutting and grinding wheel and fiberglass backing pad for flap disc and tin plate for disc established in 2005, located at SHENWAN TOWN, ZHONGSHAN CITY, GUANGDONG, CHINA, close to HONGKONG and MACAU!

Our factory have 6 sets coating machine, 1 sets covering machine for paper and non-woven paper fiberglass disc, 12 sets auto-cutting machine and 2 sets cutting machine, 20 sets pressing machine, 12 sets oven, 20 sets punching machine, which make our out-put is about 50M PCS BACKING PAD and 100M PCS tin plate and 100M PCS fiberglass disc, and with our 20 years on abrasives, we also supply high quality BFA and other special material, such as Teflon and Label, RINGS, and Aluminum alloy plate.

Moreover, we make a fiberglass separating the abrasive disc when cooking, it is long life and much more economic than TEFLON, out put is 0.1 billion a year.

With our knowledge, we invented three kind backing pad, it can make us offer you the very competitive price at high quality product, and we also invented natural fiber backing pad and wearable backing pad.

And thanks for our experience on abrasive field, we invented special semi-flex disc with fiberglass backing pad with special method, flexible and can bend as semi-flex disc, but no need backer when using, no need worry humidity, long life, very easy to control when using, can grind and polish at any dead corner.

With high stable quality and most reasonable competitive price, we get high reputation from all-over the world, we have many customers in EUROPE, America, Asia, Africa, Middle East, ETC.

We are willing to establishing long term business relationship with our customers, and upon both close cooperation, we are sure that choose us, choose the bright future!
Our products 100% exported to the abroad, main sales markets are Europe, USA, Australia and Southeast Asia. Depending on the good quality, complete certifications, kind service and reasonable price, we gain so much popularity from foreign business friends.